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Codesys + Syel ? Syel ... with a plus !

Codesys + Syel ? Syel ... with a plus !

Finally, one of the leading automation software for control systems, i.e. CODESYS, has arrived at Syel.

Our famous P10L  can be programmed via Ethernet with the application developed in the CODESYS Development System V3 IDE environment (the IDE runs on PC-host/Windows). The debugger evolved within the development environment allows debugging "on the fly" of the newly programmed target. Various programming languages are available, adhering to the industrial standard IEC 61131-3: the most used are ST (similar to C and BASIC) and LADDER.

Thanks to our engineers we have developed an ecosystem capable of providing the following services and functional implementations, already successfully developed and tested:

  • Communication via Rs232 between HMI P10L by Syel and IO expanders by Syel such as u200 and S4000

  • Communication via Rs485 between HMI P10L by Syel and IO by Syel expanders as S4000 (test carried out with 2 S4000 on Rs485 bus)

  • Communication via CANbus, in CANbasic protocol, between HMI P10L by Syel and 2 IO expanders u200 by Syel

  • Communication via CANbus between HMI P10L by Syel and the following IO expanders by Syel, in CanOpen Cia401 protocol (S4000, u200, VK3. For these 3 types of IO expanders we have developed the relative .EDS files, in order to make "plug and play ” the importation of our devices into the project developed in the Codesys environment)

  • Communication via CANbus between HMI P10L by Syel and third-party servo-drivers in CanOpen Cia402 protocol for piloting brushless motors: test carried out with TMC460 test driver by HDT-Lovato

  • Interpolation of two XY axes on Cartesian (cutter) for the creation of figures on the plane starting from the relative Gcode.iso file: this file can be brought to HMI P10L by Syel from a USB stick and then, if required, edited/modified directly on the fly on touch-screen, so as to immediately evaluate the effects on the kinematics on board the machine

  • Realization of a UDP client for communication with external UDP-servers connected in LAN

  • Realization of a TCP client for communication with external TCP-servers connected in LAN

  • Creation of an HTTP1.1 client for communication with HTTP-servers (test carried out by exchanging JSON files): possibility of using this technique to implement forms of remote assistance

  • Possibility of data exchange between the Codesys application running on HMI P10L by Syel and another competing application, which runs in parallel on the same HMI P10L, developed in the Proteus environment: in this way the P10L programmer can perform some functions with Codesys, other , if necessary, with Proteus, and the two programs talk to each other.

  • Possibility of saving and recovering files and fixed data (recipes) on and from SD card or USB stick

  • Realization of an EtherCAT-master (CoE = Canopen over Ethernet, Canopen Cia402) for the management of a third-party EtherCAT-slave driver for piloting a brushless motor.

  • Fully customizable captivating graphics, with fade effects, transparencies, bitmap or vector images (SVG) that the customer can provide to the GUI developer: in the latter case, two-finger zooming on the P10L by Syel capacitive touch-screen does not determine some graininess (loss of resolution) of the images on the display

  • Creation of a system that allows instantaneous and automatic translation of the labels present in the work program into any language selectable by the user via the language button: management of non-Western languages, such as Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. The translations, into any language, are carried out by the end customer by filling in a common Excel file with the necessary translated texts, and in the desired languages.

  • Possibility of creating animated buttons and icons in .GIF format and of playing videos.

NB. For each point listed here, Syel can provide its own example SW developed and tested by us, created especially for P10L

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