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ARCOS project

Automatic Robotic Cutting OperationS

Project financed under the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020 program, Action 1.1.5 Sub. A1

Call No. 2 – MSME research and development projects



The ARCOS project intends to automate the phases of the shoe component cutting process currently carried out by personnel, and to implement the logistical organization of the distribution of the components made.


The goal will be achieved through the implementation of the following innovations:

  • The creation of a leather quality control bench equipped with an advanced vision system, governed by control software implemented with machine learning algorithms, which will automatically recognize defects and provide input to the nesting software for execution of the cut.

  • The creation of an innovative robot that will perform grasping & positioning operations,

  • The development of a governance software for the control of the entire line, which integrates quality control with the development of the organization and the execution of the cut, up to the control of the removal of the leather scraps and their placement to boot to the assembly stages.



  • ROBOT SYSTEM AUTOMATION – Lead partner. Responsible for the mechanical design and construction of the entire line, the pneumatic grasping system, the AGV modules and the governance SW.

  • SYEL SRL – Responsible for the design and implementation of the electrostatic grasping system.

  • ETT IMPIANTI SRL – Responsible for the design and construction of the electrical systems of the entire line and the pneumatic system of the grasping system.

  • DORIAN SRL – Responsible for the design and implementation of the quality control module defect detection system.

  • CALZATURIFICIO MARUSKA SRL – Responsible for the validation of the entire robotic cutting line.

  • ARCHA LABORATORIES (SUBCONTRACTOR) - will be responsible for supporting the working group for the selection, formulation and preparation of dielectric elastomer samples for grasping, and in the study of the use of cold plasma (NTP) for conditioning the cabin grasping.

Multidisciplinary project (see info doc) created in collaboration with the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa (SSSA), the Fraunhofer Institute of Berlin, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and other partner companies.

Project funded by institutional bodies such as the European Union and the Tuscany Region. 

The consortium of research institutions and private companies, including Syel, has dedicated itself to the design of a photonic/optoelectronic device capable of measuring the concentration of cytokines in human blood, in order to diagnose pathologies such as tumors, auto-immune reactions etc …

Syel was called upon to design, study and create a touch operator terminal including a CN interface for all the logic of the instrument and the management of on-board devices such as injection pump, solenoid valves, lasers, etc.

Syel, in addition to creating the video terminal just mentioned, has also developed the firmware and control software, constituting a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, also implementing a TCP/IP client suitable for communication via Ethernet with the internal hardware of the device.  ( 

serie T per bacheca.jpg

The new T Series is available

The first series of high definition terminals is born.


The T series supplants and obligatorily retires the old line of classic industrial terminals, bringing substantial innovations in the way these objects are used. 


Pineapple per bacheca.jpg

Here comes the Pineapple!

Here comes the Pineapple, the future of compact PLCs.
Are you thinking of building your new machine and do you need a compact but high-performing electronic control from all points of view?
Or are you thinking of renewing the electronics of your existing machine?
Is your supplier called Fred Flintstone?
Well, the Pineapple is the item you are looking for.

V4le striscia.jpg

New IP65 CN/CNC line available

The new BLACK IP65 line by CN Syel is on the way


The new Syel CN/CNC line is renewed, the touch screen work displays are now protected by a membrane compliant with the IP65 standard.

No more water, dust and scratches on your display.

The new hardware and the respective operating system implement functions and settings that were previously only possible manually on a printed circuit board.

Another step forward.

The new product line will include 4", 8" and 10" displays.

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