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Our history

The year is 1973 and from the passion and inspiration of a man, Adriano Franchi, SYEL was born. A leading technician at Olivetti in Ivrea, Adriano was in charge of the typewriters of the company of the same name at the time, collaborating as a protagonist in the project of the famous OLIVETTI 101. At the time it certainly could not have been imagined that that machine would also mark the history of personal computers if, inside the Olivetti laboratories, it was clear that something revolutionary was happening. Adriano was lucky enough to see the first LED landed in Italy, and every time he talks about it he manages to convey the same enthusiasm that he and his colleagues felt at that moment:

"We opened the box and saw a very small booger, there were no instructions, we didn't even know how to light it."

But Adriano was not only a positive protagonist, his work and his ideas led to the creation of the first prototype of Autovelox on the Mugello track, ruining the lives of millions of Italians. "Please don't tell anyone", he emphasizes every time he happens to talk about it.

With these premises, let's go back 44 years to 1973, when Adriano decided to found Syel, with a curriculum and a monumental electronic background. In a short time the Tuscan company earned itself a respectable national stage, growing quickly and enriching its team with other new protagonists who in that same period were exporting innovation all over the world, Piaggio is a concrete example of this. It is here in Pontedera that Syel found a stable base, creating electronic solutions for the industry and managing to successfully navigate various production contexts, gaining experience and versatility that would later prove to be the key to the longevity of this company .

Times change, electronics change, the market and the global economy change, the crisis arrives and unfortunately it arrives harshly, but Syel comes out of it with its head held high because the skills developed up to that point have too strong legs to collapse. Our partners are proof of this.

The increasingly targeted and exasperated needs of customers lead to a new internal reality of the company that had until then been secondary, namely custom design. From standard industrial CN/CNC electronics, Syel begins to refine experience in the field of customization by experimenting with the multiplicity of benefits that exist between customer and supplier in this world.

To date, Syel (in addition to a well-stocked warehouse of constantly evolving numerical control electronics) is present on the market as a custom professional and the growing increase in customers is proof that the path taken is right and solid.

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